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Nicola manages our online world, social media and email communications for Touch Wood Rings. She is who you will talk with when you write to us.   

An avid genealogist, Nicola is researching and writing the story of her Great Uncle Charley Bailey from his WW1 letters and diaries. In the course of her WW1 research Nicola came across the story of the Vimy Oaks repatriation project.  
David has created thousands of Touch Wood Rings over the years.  We felt it would be an honour and a privilege to offer folks a ring made of this historic Vimy Oak.   Nicola contacted Jeremy Diamond at the Vimy Foundation who put her in touch with Monty McDonald and the rest, as they say, is history.

Nicola's other interests include End of Life issues; how we memorialize our loved ones and she is actively promoting and advocating for Natural Burials.


Recognizing the care, skill and love that goes into everything David creates; people are often deeply affected when they see and handle his work. David is the pioneer of the original bentwood style of crafting a wood ring. His meticulously crafted and naturally beautiful wood rings have been our primary focus for almost 15 years.   David is a photographer and writer; he loves to build and garden. 

Our Vimy Oak offering is close to both our hearts.  Like most Canadians of our generation, David has close connections with relatives who served in the first or second world wars. Cline Thompson, Davids maternal grandfather, served in WW1 and was wounded at Cambrai, on October 11th, 1918. David's father, Charles Lincoln Finch was a distinguished Lancaster Bomber Pilot. Charles lost both his brothers in that war.  Lest we forget.

Off Grid and Online

We live remote and off the grid on 48 acres in the Cariboo-Chilcotin.  We work online via satellite internet.  We don't have phone service and manage all our communications by email.
We invite you to write to us, and connect with us on social media.
You might enjoy The Warmth of Wood, our Touch Wood Blog. www.warmthofwood.blogspot.ca 

We look forward to putting our work in your hands, our rings on your fingers, and we thank you for coming by.
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